Trophy Results 2016

Well done to all our members and their horses in 2016

and look forward to next season


                                                CUMBRIA EGB RESULTS 2016


Distance trophies for the horse (belonging to or competed by full members only)


Annual Distance Trophy PR,CR and ER kms

1st  Mill Starlight                         Julie Banks                               637

2nd Rusadia                                 Ann Speirs                                587

3rd My Girl Shannon                 Andy Braithwaite                       475

4th Marcus ibn Gayet                 Jean Gilbert                              441


Competitive Rides Trophy GERs only

1st  Marcus ibn Gayet                  Jean Gilbert                              347

2nd  Mill Starlight                        Julie Banks                               326

3rd  Sulan Electric Prince            Kath McGhee                           261

4th Feagh Antonio                        Emma Harris                            238


Endurance Rides Trophy

1st= Magic Storm                        Nicola Hamilton                       141

1st= Lindston Kytrina                  Cheryl Wallace                         141

3rd   Sulan Electric Prince             Kath Mcghee                             63


Pleasure Rides Trophy

1st My Girl Shannon                     Andy Braithwaite                      475

2nd Rusadia                                   Ann Speirs                                  430

3rd Napolitano Itala                       Amanda Carson                          358

4th Mill Starlight                            Julie Banks                                 311


Dalebeck Yanetta Trophy (first season PR,GER and ER)

1st Whitecrofts Regality                 Barbara Stephenson                     150

2nd Prince Omar                             Audrey Taylor                              133

3rd Nigwell Forbees                       Amanda Sim                                 129


Woody Trophy  (14.2 and under GER and ER kms)

1st Lindston Kytrina                        Cheryl Wallace                            266


Veteran Horse Trophy (18yrs and over)

1st Mill Starlight                              Julie Banks                                  637

2nd Napolitano Itala                         Amanda Carson                           358

3rd Indian Ra                                   Liz Campbell                                213

4th Prince Omar                               Audrey Taylor                               133


Points Trophies for the horse (belonging to or ridden by full members)


Solway Cloudy Trophy   Best 5 rides GER or ER where the horse has started in 9 rides or less.                                       

1st Marcus ibn Gayet                        Jean Gilbert                                  813

2nd Sulan Electric Prince                  Kath McGhee                               711

3rd Magic Storm                               Nicola Hamilton                            700

4th Mill Starlight                               Julie Banks                                    495


Leesview Stud Challenge Cup     Best 10 or less GER rides where horse has started in rides of 50km or less

1st Feargh Antonio                                Emma Harris                            332

2nd Rusadia                                            Ann Speirs                               157

3rd Nigwell Forbees                              Amanda Sim                             112


Holman Trophy  ER points

1st Magic Storm                                    Nicola Hamilton                         304

2nd Lindston Kytrina                            Cheryl Wallace                            284

3rd Sulan Electric Prince                       Kath McGhee                             182


First Season Competitive Rides

1st Feagh Antonio                                   Emma Harris                              332

2nd Nigwell Forbees                               Amanda Sim                                112


Dalebeck Dancer Trophy  Best 10 or less GERs when horse has started in 1 ride or more of over 50km

1st Marcus ibn Gayet                               Jean Gilbert                                934

2nd Sulan Electric Prince                         Kath McGhee                             758.5

3rd Mill Starlight                                     Julie Banks                                  625

4th Magic Storm                                      Nicola Hamilton                          396


Trophies for Riders


Associate Members Trophy

1st Sue Chambers                                      Lady Eleanor                               174

2nd Margaret Plank                                    Townend Dillon                           118

3rd William Gate                                       Crofty's Springtime Frost              99


First Season Associate Member's Trophy

1st Annette Dixon                                     Tabara                                           298

2nd Suzanne Brown                                   Jay                                                 38.5


Elliot Trophy

1st William Gate                                        Crofty's Springtime Frost              99


Veteran Rider Trophy  Rider 60 and over

1st Jean Gilbert                       Marcus ibn Gayet and Rilletta                         541

2nd Andy Braithwaite             My Girl Shannon                                              475

3rd Penny Pearce                    Tannasg Dancing Diva and Uto                        343

4th Jill Templeton                   Cayenne                                                             288


Trophies for horse by Type


Fathers Folly   Coloured Horse

1st Feargh Antonio                  Emma Harris                                                    332

2nd Jamie-son                          Barbara Jordan                                                 279

3rd=  Mr Bolle Jangel's              Ian Lancaster                                                   149

3rd= Even Worse                       Jane Armstrong Lancaster                                149


Native Breeds

1st My Girl Shannon                   Andy Braithwaite                                          475

2nd Townend Dillon                    Margaret Plank                                              118

3rd Hollingside Amba                   Sue Webster                                                   48



1st Nigwell Forbees                       Amanda Sim                                                129

2nd George                                     Freda Crossman                                           107

3rd Whitecroft Miss Ruby              Barbara Stephenson                                      71


Part Bred Arab

1st Lindston Kytrina                      Cheryl Wallace                                             411

2nd Indian Ra                                 Liz Campbell                                                213

3rd Crofty's Springtime Frost         William Gate and Julie Banks                      137

4th Uto                                            Penny Pearce                                                 22



1st Mill Starlight                            Julie Banks                                                    637

2nd Rusadia                                    Ann Speirs                                                      587

3rd Marcus ibn Gayet                     Jean Gilbert                                                    441

4th Magic Storm                            Nicola Hamilton                                              434


Other Breeds and Crossbreeds

1st Napolitano Itala                         Amanda Carson                                            358

2nd Cayenne                                    Jill Templeton                                                 288

3rd Lady Eleanor                            Sue Chambers                                                174

4th Loki                                          Lulie Hothfield                                                131



Pot Luck Pairs

1st Julie Banks and Kath Mcghee                                       1178

2nd Freda Crossman and Jean Gilbert                                   768

3rd Barbara Jordan and Andy Braithwaite                             754

4th Cheryl Wallace and Sue Chambers                                  585