Brief Summary of Qualifications for EGB Combinations Entering SERC Competitive Rides.

For EGB combinations, we would look for equivalent experience to the SERC grading system, ie

Single 30km or 40km class none
50km two competitive rides of 30km+ to have been successfully completed at 9.5km/hr or greater
60km, 2 day 60km, 2 day 80km OR 30km on successive days - successfully completed at 9.5km/hr or greater - 1 x 50km+ and 2 x 30km+
80km -  as for 60km above; plus 2 x 60km+ at 11km/hr or greater

All competitive rides horse 5+ yrs, with logbook. 
Qualifications apply to both horse and rider, but not necessarily together
Additional restrictions apply if you want the horse to be eligible for the novice class at the Scottish Champs.
Until the horse and rider have successfully completed a 50km at 9.5km/hr or greater, speed categories have to be nominated and stuck to.  However once the horse & rider have completed 6 x 30km+ rides, they no longer have to nominate speed categories at that distance.